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WarehouseTWO is cost-effective inventory-sharing solution available to manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors offered by Cordance Operations, LLC through its Rubber Tree Systems (the “Company”) business unit. Registered subscriber of the WarehouseTWO software-as-a-service (“MEMBER”) and all of its users agree to abide to these terms of use stated herein. The Company reserves the right to change these terms of use at anytime, without prior notification to MEMBER. (Changes to these terms will be posted on the WarehouseTWO web site and announced within ten days of any change, via electronic communication to MEMBER account administrators.) MEMBER may change or cancel its membership at any time without incurring any additional fees.

  • 1. MEMBER’s use of the WarehouseTWO site constitutes MEMBER’s binding acceptance of these terms of use, including any modifications to these terms of use that the Company makes at its sole discretion. Failure by MEMBER to abide by these terms will result in immediate suspension of access to the site, at the sole discretion of the Company. MEMBER agrees that the Company will not be liable to MEMBER or any third party if such action is taken.
  • 2. The Company is not a buyer or seller of material goods. Any buy/sell transaction resulting from information made available by the Company to MEMBER is subject to the terms and conditions negotiated by buyer and seller. The Company is not an interested party in any transaction between its MEMBERs.
  • 3. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by any MEMBER.
  • 4. The Company is not responsible for the quality, condition or re-salability of any item posted by any MEMBER for sale on its site.
  • 5. MEMBER agrees to post for sale only new product, as packaged by the manufacturer for resale, unless clearly identified otherwise in the item description field.
  • 7. The Company reserves the right to restrict MEMBER from search access to products for which MEMBER is not authorized to buy directly from the manufacturer.
  • 8. Membership levels, rights and monthly fees are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. The Company will make reasonable effort to inform MEMBER of any changes to membership levels, rights and fees. MEMBER will be given a brief grace period to change or cancel its membership without penalty. MEMBER will not be charged any additional fees without prior consent.)
  • 9. MEMBER shall not access information available at the WarehouseTWO web site in any automated method, other than as provided by the site, and shall only access the web site manually via commercially available web browser software.
  • 10. The Company reserves the right to communicate unsolicited information pertinent to membership and use of the site to MEMBER. Such communication is considered to be part of the WarehouseTWO service.
  • 11. MEMBER shall not use the WarehouseTWO site or information found on its site to conduct any illegal activity or to damage the Company or its MEMBERS.
  • 12. MEMBER shall not use information on the WarehouseTWO site, including but not limited to product information, price or member information, for any use other than the intended purpose of buying product from, or selling product to, any other MEMBER.
  • 13. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the timely or accurate presentation of information provided by any MEMBER, including, but not limited to, inventory postings, membership applications, and membership change requests.
  • 14. By accessing the WarehouseTWO website and using its tools and features, MEMBER agrees to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service. (Google’s mapping and distance calculation APIs are used at the WarehouseTWO website.)
  • 15. Use of WarehouseTWO by MEMBER is governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, USA

(Updated July 11, 2023)

Member Type

Type Description
   Wholesaler-distributor (one who buys products from a manufacturer for resale to end users or other channel members.
   Manufacturer (one who makes products and sells to wholesaler-distributors).

Member Level

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Monthly Subscription Fee ($USD) Free $99 $179 $349
Membership Level Limits
# Locations 1 1 5 25
# Users 2 10 25 60
# Communities 1 5 15 200
# Posted Items 0 1,000 10,000 200,000
Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bargain Hunt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Receive Broadcast Requests Yes Yes Yes Yes
Default System Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
PREMIUM Features
Multi-Search   Yes Yes Yes
Post Inventory   Yes Yes Yes
Send Broadcast Requests   Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-Friendly Search Pages     Yes Yes
Export Inventory Data     Yes Yes
Export Member Records     Yes Yes
Related Items     Yes Yes
Customizable System Notifications     Yes Yes
Web Market     Yes Yes
Auto-Delete Unrefreshed Records     Yes Yes
Advanced Data Exports       Yes
Application Program Interface Capability (APIs)       Yes
Distance To Seller Displayed       Yes
Portal Access       Yes
Select Membership Level >
Level 5
Monthly Subscription Fee ($USD) $999
Membership Level Limits
# Locations 35
# Users 75
# Communities 1
# Posted Items 500,000
Search Yes
Bargain Hunt Yes
Receive Broadcast Requests Yes
Default System Notifications Yes
PREMIUM Features
Multi-Search Yes
Post Inventory Yes
Send Broadcast Requests Yes
Mobile-Friendly Search Pages Yes
Export Inventory Data Yes
Export Member Records Yes
Related Items Yes
Customizable System Notifications Yes
Web Market Yes
Auto-Delete Unrefreshed Records Yes
Advanced Data Exports Yes
Application Program Interface Capability (APIs) Yes
Distance To Seller Displayed Yes
Portal Access Yes
Select Membership Level >

About Membership Level Limits:

  • Membership level: Each level is defined by the monthly fee and usage limits. A member may request a change to his membership level at any time.
  • # Locations: Levels #3 and #4 are for those members who choose to post inventory for sale at the resolution of specific warehouses. Each location should be the same company name.
  • # Users: A member may create multiple user accounts per membership based on the membership level limits. Each username should be assigned to one person with same email domain as the company.
  • # Communities: A member is restricted to view and post items only from manufacturers/divisions for which it is currently authorized.
  • # Posted items: A member is restricted to the number of items that may be posted to the web site for sale at any one time.

About Standard Features

  • Search: Browse inventory available from peer distributors to fulfill your end-customers’ open backorders.
  • Bargain Hunt: Upload a “shopping list” of your most commonly sold items. This feature will identify if any other WarehouseTWO member is offering any of these items at or below an acceptable threshold cost.
  • Receive Broadcast Requests: Receive inquiry emails from other WarehouseTWO members who need an item, but could not find it in a Search result. Every one of these emails is a potential sale!
  • Default System Notifications: Receive monthly activity metrics via email. (All membership levels.) Receive a reminder email before your inventory data expires. (Membership levels 2 and higher only.) Receive a notification email when a new member joins one of your inventory-sharing communities. (Membership levels 3 and higher only.)

About Premium Features:

  • Multi-Search: Search for up to twenty different part numbers simultaneously, instead of searching for one part number at a time.
  • Post Inventory: Post your inventory at the site, for sale to other like-authorized distributors.
  • Send Broadcast Requests: Send an e-mail to all other like-authorized members of WarehouseTWO, to request an item that you could not find in a search result. This feature enables you to gain access to inventory not posted at the site.
  • Mobile-Friendly Search Pages: View “Search” and “Multi-Search” page layouts optimized for mobile devices with small screens (“smart phones”).
  • Export Inventory Data: Manually and automatically export inventory data posted by other WarehouseTWO members for use off-line.
  • Export Member Records: Download contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number) of every WarehouseTWO member participating in one or more of the inventory-sharing communities in which you also participate. Use this information to create customer and supplier accounts in your ERP system in anticipation of transacting with other WarehouseTWO members.
  • Related Items: Cross-reference inventory items as entered in your ERP system with standard part numbers or descriptions used by other WarehouseTWO members. Even if you do not use the manufacturer's exact model number as the part number in your ERP system, your item can still appear in other members' search results when they search on correct manufacturers' part numbers. This feature also helps peer distributors share commodity items, even if members use different part numbers or descriptions to identify the same commodity item.
  • Customizable System Notifications: Modify which automated notification emails you receive, when you receive them and who at your company receives them. Notifications are for inventory data expiration, inventory data imports, inventory data exports and new members.
  • Web Market: Post Items with WarehouseTWO - Web Market. This may result in any non-member of WarehouseTWO being able to find these items simply by searching for their part numbers in a search engine (such as Bing, Google or Yahoo). This feature is intended to give you a much larger potential audience for your surplus inventory.
  • Auto-Delete Unrefreshed Records: Have any data record that was not added or refreshed by your last inventory data file upload be removed from your account immediately after uploading a new inventory data file, regardless of the record’s time-stamp or its location’s expiration period setting.
  • Display Total Quantity by Seller: On the SEARCH and MULTI-SEARCH pages, consolidate multiple postings of the same part number by the same seller into a single row that shows the total quantity of that item available from that seller.
  • Advanced Data Exports: Manually and automatically export other members’ contact information, your own user records and community IDs. (Availability of this data in your company’s IT infrastructure, such as in your ERP system or intranet, is required to enable WarehouseTWO’s API functionality.)
  • Application Program Interface Capability (APIs): From within your company’s IT infrastructure (such as your ERP system or intranet), perform “live” inventory searches on the WarehouseTWO database, contact sellers via email, and send out BROADCAST REQUEST inquiries to other WarehouseTWO members.
  • Distance to Seller Displayed: Upon completing a search in SEARCH or in MULTI-SEARCH, the distance between buyer and seller is calculated and displayed in the search results table, to identify the closest available inventory.
  • Portal Access: Enable concurrent logins for a shared user account; create "one-click" access to WarehouseTWO via a hyperlink placed on your company's intranet. This feature reduces the need for individual user accounts and improves the security of access to your company's member account.

Member Information

  • (This feature allows you to access our website from within your company's intranet, providing better security and reducing user account maintenance. Available only for membership level 4 and higher.)

  • This feature allows you to automatically upload your inventory data from your ERP system to our FTP server. Available only for membership level 2 and higher.
  • The fields below will be used to create the first user account on your member account. This user will have administrative rights.

Inventory-Sharing Communities - Select communities for which you are a verifiable authorized distributor or for which you are the manufacturer. Upon verification, you will have full access (SEARCH and POST) to these communities.


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Unauthorized Inventory-Sharing Communities - Select communities for which you are not an authorized distributor or for which you are not the manufacturer. You will have unauthorized access (POST only) to these communities.


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Location Information

  • Help me Choose the Best Setting


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User Information

  • (allows the user to make changes to the membership account, and to post inventory)
  • (user receives automated e-mails concerning the status of the account, plus periodic announcements from WarehouseTWO)
  • (user receives automated e-mails concerning inventory postings about-to-expire)


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This is a MONTHLY or YEARLY payment method. Payment information will be sent with the first invoice and can be requested at any time from Invoice reminders will be sent at the time of due date. Once the monthly fee has been paid, it cannot be refunded. You may request an upgrade, downgrade or cancelation of your premium level subscription at any time. To pay a full year’s premium-level subscription via ACH, send an email to to request this alternative payment method. Alternative payment methods: monthly payment via auto-charge to a credit card, annual invoice to be paid ACH, Check