About WarehouseTWO

WarehouseTWO, LLC is an independent “inventory-sharing” service created exclusively for durable goods manufacturers and their authorized distributors, and any group of durable goods “peer” wholesaler-distributors, such as members of a buying/marketing group or cooperative.

“Inventory-sharing” is the practice of wholesaler-distributors proactively making their inventories available to peer wholesaler-distributors. Virtually combining the inventories owned by participating distributors results in greater asset and operational efficiency for all. Each participant can serve his customers from a much larger inventory, and his own inventory can be available to a much larger customer base.

Benefits for wholesaler distributors:

  • Reduced open order management time and costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased sales
  • Reduction in unwanted inventory

Benefits for manufacturers (who sell through distributors):

  • Improved manufacturing floor efficiency
  • Reduced open order management time and costs
  • Increased sales
  • Improved brand reputation

WarehouseTWO is available only to manufacturers, wholesaler-distributors and buying/marketing groups and cooperatives. It is not available to end-customers. Our service is accessible to registered members only. Members participate in inventory-sharing “communities” at our web site. Most communities correlate to a specific manufacturer, product line or marketing group. We verify a member’s authorized access to each product line or marketing group prior to activating the corresponding community on the member’s account.

WarehouseTWO is the easiest to use, most cost-effective inventory-sharing solution available to manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors today.

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