Tutorials, Reference Documents and FAQs
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Tutorials are Proprietary Information intended for WarehouseTWO Members Internal Usage Only

  • Account Maintenance

    Manage account settings, add users, join more communities, upgrade your membership, and more.

  • Account Maintenance - Add/Update Credit Card

    Manage payment settings, add or update credit card info when upgrading or changing payment information.

  • Activity Metrics

    Monitor your company's usage of WarehouseTWO with our on-line tools and our monthly activity report email.

  • Application Programming Interface (APIs)

    Embed WarehouseTWO's "Search", "Broadcast Request" and "Send Email to Seller" functions into your ERP system.

  • Bargain Hunt

    Save money by identifying and purchasing items offered by other WarehouseTWO members at attractive prices.

  • Broadcast Request

    Query a group of peer distributors via email to find a needed item that is available, but not posted to WarehouseTWO.

  • Community Update

    FOR MANUFACTURERS ONLY. COMMUNITY UPDATE is an email communication tool at WarehouseTWO.

  • Data Exports

    Enhance WarehouseTWO-to-ERP-system integration with this suite of essential data set exports.

  • Email Management

    Understand and manage the automated emails that WarehouseTWO members receive.

  • Manufacturer's Distributor Activity Report

    FOR MANUFACTURERS ONLY. Export a list of your distributors participating at WarehouseTWO. This exported report includes activity metrics for your distributors.

  • Multi-Search

    Simultaneously search for a list of part numbers to find needed items that were posted by other distributors.

  • Portal Access

    Create a browser 'favorite' or a hyperlink on your company's intranet to instantly access WarehouseTWO, bypassing 'Login'.

  • Post Inventory

    Upload your inventory data to make it available in 'Search' and Bargain Hunt' queries by other distributors.

  • Post Inventory Automation

    Automate the upload of your inventory data to make it available in 'Search' and Bargain Hunt' queries by other distributors.

  • Related Items Maintenance

    Cross-reference your posted items to part numbers or descriptions that other members are likely to enter in searches.

  • Search

    Browse the inventory database to find a needed item that was posted by another distributor.

  • System Notifications

    Manage automated notification emails. Notifications are for inventory data expiration, inventory data imports, inventory data exports, monthly activity metrics and new members. Also add additional recipients for Broadcast Request emails.

  • Web Market

    Post selected (surplus?) items in such a way that the are available in browser search engines (such as Google.) Expose these items to a world audience.

Q: How can I access WarehouseTWO?
A: Click on 'Become a Member' on the home page and register. The registration process requires that you provide basic information about your company (address, contact information), inventory-sharing communities in which you would like to participate, and valid credit card information.
Q: How long does it take for my registration to be approved?
A: Please allow two business days. It typically takes that long for us to verify your authorized rights to the inventory-sharing communities you requested.
Q: Why does WarehouseTWO restrict a member's access to only those communities that correspond to manufacturers or product lines for which the member has a verifiable business relationship with the manufacturer?
A: WarehouseTWO is intended exclusively for manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors, not the general public. In the case of an inventory-sharing community that correlates to a specific manufacturer's products, we protect that manufacturer's sales channel by restricting access to posted inventory data just to members who can be proven to be authorized distributors of those products. We do not let competitors see that information.
Q: Can I search for and sell any product line at WarehouseTWO?
A: Yes, as long as you are authorized to buy from the manufacturer for resale the products correlating to the inventory-sharing community. Additionally, we will let members post inventory data to any community, but we let only authorized distributors view inventory data posted to each community. At any time, you may request that WarehouseTWO create additional inventory-sharing communities not currently visible on the site.
Q: How does WarehouseTWO collect monthly membership fees?
A: Monthly membership fees are charged to a credit card entered on your account record. We accept payment by American Express, Master Card and VISA. Once payment has been received, it cannot be refunded. A member may downgrade, upgrade or cancel his membership at any time. Alternatively, we can invoice annually for twelve months of membership fees. For annual invoices, our payment terms are net thirty (30) days.
Q: How do I learn all of the features of WarehouseTWO?
A: Click on 'Tutorials' above. All of our website’s features are explained there. If you have a specific question that is not addressed in any of our tutorial documents, contact us at customerservice@warehousetwo.com.
Q: How accurate and current is the information (i.e., quantities available, offer prices, etc.) displayed at WarehouseTWO?
A: The information is as accurate as the posting member has made it, and as current as the posted date shown for each item available. Members may post their information manually or automatically (via an FTP process), as often as they want. Manual uploads of new information are effective within seconds. FTP uploads are scanned and activated every five minutes. We recommend automated nightly FTP uploads. If that is not feasible, manually uploaded data should be refreshed every month.
Q: How long does the posted inventory information stay on the site?
A: You may select any of five expiration periods. This setting is made during registration, and may be changed anytime thereafter. The choices are:
  1. 1 day: items are removed from the site twenty-four hours after posting (recommended for those members who upload fresh information nightly)
  2. 1 week: items are removed from the site seven days after posting (recommended for those members who plan to manually upload fresh information nightly, but not on weekends)
  3. 1 month: items are removed from the site thirty days after posting (recommended for those members who plan to manually upload fresh information monthly)
  4. 90 days: items are removed from the site nighty days after posting (recommended for those members who plan to manually upload fresh information at least once per quarter)
  5. 1 year: items are removed from the site 365 days after posting (recommended for those members who plan to manually upload fresh information once per year)
Q: How can I automatically post my inventory list to WarehouseTWO on a scheduled basis, without human intervention?
A: WarehouseTWO accepts inventory lists in either a MS Excel format or “pipe”-delimited text file pushed to a dedicated FTP (file transfer protocol) site. Each member is assigned a unique FTP folder, user login name and password. Once you have figured out how to automatically create a correctly formatted upload file, contact us at customerservice@warehousetwo.com, and we will help you complete the process set-up.
Q: Why is the sky blue?
A: The earth’s atmosphere is mostly nitrogen gas (N2). Sunlight is energy, in the form of (nearly) white light. When the sun’s energy hits the nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere, certain electrons absorb some of this energy, and jump to a more excited state within the molecules. When the electrons fall back to their normally lower energy state, they emit a specific wavelength of energy/light: blue. This blue light gets emitted in random directions. So, while much of the sun’s energy passes through our atmosphere to the ground, some of it is absorbed by our atmosphere, and re-scattered as blue light. Hence, a blue sky.
Q: Why do fools fall in love?
A: Perhaps because they rush in where wise men never go? We’re not sure about this, but our research team is investigating further.
Q: Can I borrow the car?
A: We interpret the phrase, “Can I” to mean, “Am I physically able to”. If you can pick up the keys, open the car door, get inside the car, start it and operate it safely and legally, then, yes, you “can” borrow the car. Perhaps you meant to ask, “May I borrow the car?”
Q: Does a toilet bowl really flush in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?
A: No, silly!
Q: What’s the difference between a duck?
A: Sometimes.
Q: Do you know the way to San Jose?
A: From WarehouseTWO world headquarters, travel a few blocks south to Ocean Avenue, Carmel, CA. On Ocean Avenue, travel east. At the first traffic light, turn left onto Highway 1. Travel on California Highway 1 north to California Highway 156 (exit 414B). Travel on California Highway 156 east to US Highway 101. Enter US Highway 101 northbound. Travel on US Highway 101 northbound. Exit at California Highway 85 northbound (exit 377A). Take California Highway 85 north to Guadalupe Parkway (California Highway 87). Exit and continue northbound on Guadalupe Parkway (California Highway 87). Take exit 6, “Santa Clara Street / Julian Street”. Stay in the far right lane and continue to the exit, “San Carlos Street / CA-82 / Auzerais Avenue”. Turn right at the end of the ramp, onto Woz Way. Turn left onto Market Street and you will be in downtown San Jose.
Q: May I borrow the car?
A: No. You did not refill the gas tank the last time you borrowed it.